We believe that doing a good deed is awesome! Our mission is to empower everyday people to make extraordinary connections. We are dedicated to building technology that makes helping others convenient and fun. 

Deed It Forward™

Doing a good deed is rewarding. Many of us are happy to help others and can even see ourselves doing at least one good deed a day, but busy schedules and inconveniences often get in the way. DeeditForward manages requests for help and allows good samaritans a fast and convenient way to connect with those in need while raising funds and awareness for a good cause. The DeeditForward app joins together community, like minded businesses, local government, nonprofits, and faith based organizations to provide a one-stop-shop for finding opportunities to help others. The app offers a real-time way to make a difference, on your schedule. We are proud to promote and pioneer this movement.


The DeeditForward team consists of experienced engineers and advisors who have selflessly dedicated countless hours to make this project a reality. Our co-founder and CEO, Travis Wentworth, with extensive experience in sales, project management, and consulting, left his engineering career to pursue this opportunity. Our CTO, Juan Fernandez is an ex-apple product manager and the CEO of his own company, 7/Apps. Our COO, Joshua Alexander, is an engineer, skilled project manager and philanthropist who has personally logged countless hours of volunteering, and is passionate about bringing back the tribal culture of generosity that he was raised in. Our product manager, Shelly Dean, is a Stanford Alum with 7 years of programming experience. Christian Amperano is our acting CFO with 7 years of financial advising experience. Lastly, Rob Goldfarb leads our marketing efforts, he has dedicated his passion as a non-profit consultant, Director of Philanthropy, and for creating resilient organizations through storytelling and transformative giving to the DeeditForward movement.

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