We believe that doing a good deed is awesome. Our mission is to empower everyday people to make extraordinary connections. Our technology makes helping others convenient and fun. DeeditForward will revolutionize the way you raise funds for the causes you care about.

Deed It Forward™

Doing a good deed is rewarding. Many of us are happy to help others and can even see ourselves doing at least one good deed a day, but busy schedules and inconveniences often get in the way. DeeditForward manages requests for help and allows good samaritans a fast and convenient way to connect with those in need, while raising funds and awareness for a good cause. The DeeditForward app joins together someone in need with someone who wants to help, creating a traceable transaction between otherwise strangers. The app offers a real-time way to make a difference. There is no other technology on the market like DeeditForward; we are proud to promote and pioneer this movement.


“The idea for DeeditForward came to me while commuting to work. With a truck full of tools, I’d often see people on the side of the road with their tires flat, their gas tanks empty, and other everyday car troubles. Knowing I could be of assistance, I’d pull over and help. It made me feel good to make someone’s day a little less stressful just by performing a simple and quick job. I tried to set a personal quota to help at least one person per day. After doing this for a while, I realized that this process of asking for help could be made more efficient through the use of technology. I decided that a mobile app would be an excellent tool to connect good people in need, and set out to make it happen; thus, the DeeditForward app was created.

Usually after I would help someone, they would gratefully offer me something in return. This led me recognize the potential for DeeditForward to be used as a tool to raise funds and/or awareness for worthy causes. Instead of walking around a track or creating a go-fund-me account for charity, DeeditForward empowers us to make a difference in our community while first hand promoting good causes. In only 6 months it has really come a long way; the response from our community has been amazing. I’m excited to see all the good DeeditForward will do.” Founder/ Creator

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